MasterCard will increase the anonymity of transactions in the blockchain

Payment Giant MasterCard Patents its own method of complete anonymization of transactions in the blockchain network.

The company’s application states that the developed technology will use the system of intermediate addresses, which will not be so much, but by passing through them the flow of transactions performed by other users, it will be impossible to accurately determine the sender and the recipient of a specific payment. The method will make it possible to hide not only information about participants, but also data on the amount of translation.

MasterCard also notes that, despite the seeming anonymity, in most blocks, using public data, you can track the entire history of moving funds, up to the first block itself. This makes users vulnerable, since, ultimately, you can determine the identity of the owner of the wallet or at least its approximate location, habits, interests, expenses.

However, the technology of the payment giant is not unique. Such systems have long been used in private cryptocurrencies, such as ZCASH, MONERO and others, which provide for the possibility of completing fully anonymous operations.

Governments and cryptocreuses intently observe transactions with the participation of private cryptocurrency, and some even banned them. Despite this use