Limin on the launch of NASDAQ futures «Crypto 2.0» stimulated the growth of Bitcoin

For the first time since November 14, the trend of the crypton bank has sharply changed the direction, determining the growth of most virtual currencies by 10-20% over the past day. The main reason for such changes was the news of the launch plans of NASDAQ adjustable bitcooin futures.

During the day, Bitcoin’s course (

Many altcoins show even better dynamics, and even earlier quickly falling

Although current growth covers losses in the last four days, but it can support a rather strong impulse of positive news. One of the main growth factors was the announcement of the cooperation of the second largest NASDAQ Stock Exchange with the Vaneck investment company, which at the beginning of 2019 plan to launch a regulated futures contract for Bitcoin «Crypto 2.0». According to partners, it will only be the first of the whole range of future products related to cryptocurrency.

NASDAQ will use special software to automatically detect and suppress suspicious transactions to ensure the safety of operations. Partners have not yet been disclosed by details, so it is not known whether futures will not be provided with a «physical» asset or cash equivalent.

The largest Network of the InterContinental Exchange also assigned the launch of its digital