LedgerX launched the «fear index» for Bitcoin

LEDGERX announced the launch of the Volatility index (LXVX) to track the expected oscillations of the Bitcoins market.

The source for the formation of the index will be their own adjustable BTC-options of the platform, which last year traded various platforms. According to the LedgerX leadership, LXVX is similar to the CBOE fear index (VIX), the famous indicator of the expected vibrations of the stock market. The tool should help cryptocurrency traders and investors to evaluate risks in the asset management process.

Representatives of the company say that in 2018, the LXVX significantly decreased by 20% and by the end of the year reached level 68, and although this indicator is still three times higher than that of the stock market, but this also indicates a decrease in fear and uncertainty. So far, the product is not a commodity, but may be such in the future. The new LEDGERX tool was available to institutional clients for several months, and now open to public on the company’s official website.

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