Japan assesses the prospects for launching Crypto-ETF

Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has launched an assessment of investors’ interest in cryptocurrency traded stock exchange funds and, if approval, may amend the appropriate bill for March 2019.

According to the source

At the moment, FSA assesses the interest of the industry to ETF, tracking cryptocurrencies, and the results of the study will most likely be based on the basis of the future bill, the submission of which is expected before the end of the current selection ending in March. In this case, the amendments to the laws on financial instruments, exchange and payment services can be approved in 2020.

In addition, the Financial Services Agency also plans to make items to enhance the oversight of cryptoinductinity, reducing the size of the maximum leverage provided by the stock exchanges and brokers, as well as allow placing ICOs that meet the norms of legislation on the Central Bank of the country.

Although stock funds do not use high demand in the Japanese market, where mutual impact are preferred, but they will help increase the level of confidence in virtual assets in the eyes of many investors and simplify work with them. In addition to the country of the rising sun, the question of approving Crypto-ETF is now considering the regulators of the United States and the EU, but so far only in Switzerland was launched first

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