In Wyoming, a bill is represented, allowing companies to the tokenize shares

Wyoming state lawmakers offered amendment that will allow companies to freely toochenize all or part of their shares and store them in the blockchain.

The document was called «Corporate Tokens of Shares Certificates». In case of its adoption, the Corporation and legal entities will be able to use digital certificates that provide ownership of shares, instead of their paper versions. Electronic securities information will be recorded in a bokeh or another database being checked. Then all information about ownership of shares will be sent to the issuer, the person who received the token and all successors.

The text also says that before the tokenization it will be necessary to indicate in the charter the share of digitized shares. For authorization of digital certificates, it is proposed to use network signatures (unique identification hashies) of two managers or company employees. If the changes are accepted, the amendment will take effect from July 1, 2019.

This is no longer the first legislative initiative of the authorities in Crypto Industry. Previously, the Wyoming authorities allowed blockchain startups to work in regulated «sandboxes», and since February 2018, part of the Utility-tokens are not classified as securities.

In the State Duma also plan to approve the norms of regulation of crypto industry and again