In Japan, opened a store with automatic payment on the face recognition system

Due to the lack of labor in Japan, the country’s largest network operator 7-Eleven operator opened a trial compartment with a complete self-service system that uses face recognition technology to automatically pay for goods.

The store is located in the area of Minato Tokyo’s city in the building of the company of the Big IT company NEC, which has been developing this self-service system. Any of 6 thousand employees of the company can make purchases in an experimental store after preliminary registration of personal photos in the program.

Visitors need to stand face to the camera to determine their identity and independently scan the barcodes of the goods so that the system automatically detects the amount of payment from their wages. According to the representative of NEC, the technology allows you to quickly make a calculation and reduces stress from the shopping process.

The NEC Group employee makes automatic payment.

SEVEN-ELEVEN JAPAN CO. Plans to introduce this system and in other small outlets, for example, in office buildings, which will make it the first Japanese network of stores with complete self-service.

Although in neighboring China there are no such problems with labor resources, but JD.COM opened in Shanghai completely