In 2018, the use of a ballger to protect IOT doubled

According to a study by one of the world’s largest companies in the world of digital security Gemalto, over the past 12 months, the number of applications of the technology of blockchain to protect the internet devices of things increased from 9% to 19%.


According to researchers, 52% of enterprises are not able to determine whether the security of the Internet of things has been violated, even despite the growth of expenses and attention to the protection of digital devices. Gemalto predicts that by 2023 the IoT network will exceed 20 billion nodes, so recommends that companies do not delay

Analysts also note that, despite the growth of the pace of the blockchain, the level of adoption is quite low, since the business continues to rely on other ways to protect. In 71% of cases, this data encryption, 66% use for this passwords, 38% implement two-factor identification systems.

Jason Hart, Technical Director of GEMALTO Data Protection, says that enterprises clearly feel the need to protect the growing amount of accumulated information. However, despite investment in security technology, such as blockchain, they need additional guarantees from regulators. Therefore, the business should put pressure on the government, because as a result, it is he who will suffer from hacking.

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