How the cryptocurrencies performed their roadmaps for 2018

The beginning of the new year is an excellent reason to summarize the work. Check road maps

Road map

The first goal was successfully implemented in the fall of this year. The decentralized stock exchange is functioning at With Lightning Network, it turned out not so rosy — the add-in works only in test mode. According to plan, the launch of Lightning in the main network of Stellar was to take place on December 1, but the official blog is silent about it.

Unfortunately, a full road map

Interested programmers really received examples of creating applications. You failed to check the support of RUST and C ++ languages, but there are various posts in which the encoders describe the use of C ++ for the EOS smart contract. The news about the official release of Eosio appeared in the early summer, which also coincides with the roadmap.

Cryptovaya roadmap

Among the technical updates, it was necessary to implement the adaptive size of the block, to improve the algorithm for changing the complexity of mining and add the canonical procedure for processing transactions, which ultimately should help implement the GRAPHENE technology. On the official website of Bitcoin Cash, the adaptive size of the block remains planned task and to today, although different stress tests are held regularly.

The question with the canonical procedure for processing transactions (CTOR) has become the main reason for the division on BCHABC and BCHSV, which took place in November. The NCHAIN Developer Group has released a huge document with the CTOR risk assessment and, in turn, began work to return the protocol of 2009. In both cases, work on the implementation of their roadmap branch is conducted.

Cryptovaya roadmap

The technical part consisted in debugging the network and upgrades the API of the user interface, adding a quantaceous protection wallet. The final task for the year was the implementation of the OUROBORUS protocol and the ability to create their own node in the main Cardano network.

OUROBORUS protocol was presented and implemented according to the deadlines, the full guide describing the process of creating the Cardano node was released in September and even quantum-resistant wallet protection is available for Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora. Despite the progress, in 2018, the Shelly Phase was not implemented, which was postponed by 2019 — it was she who was responsible for solving the problem of the centralization of the network management.

In general, Cardano can safely call one of the best cryptocurrency on reporting. In this way, the panel looks like, in which the developers themselves lay out text and video reports, accompanying their progress in the percentage ratio.

The main task

Special attention deserves the transfer date of the Etherism on the POS in the update called Casper. Buderin rarely calls exact time, but in 2017, Vitalik himself spoke of the imminent POS introduction. For more than a year, Biderin is also replied to questions about the exact date of Casper Bucher. Updated Ethereum cryptocurrency roadmap Indicates 2019, but in this case, the failure of ASIC is doubtfully with the algorithm

Naturally, Satoshi Nakamoto did not publish a roadmap