Hardfork Ethereum will be held in mid-January

The Ethereum platform developers agreed to the activation point of the long-awaited major update of the Constantinople, which will be the block 7080000.

Based on the average closing time of the blocks and their remaining quantity before the specified point, Hardfork Etherium must pass from 14 to 18 January 2019. The developers team decided to give users the opportunity to get a new code in advance, so if the participants agree with the changes, the update will be started automatically, immediately after closing the block 7080000.

In Ethereum Foundation, we decided to take neglected and add an emergency switch that will allow you to delay the activation of Constantinople in the event of force majeure. Initially, Hardford was planned to be held in November 2018, but due to the problems found during testing, it was postponed.

In addition to optimizing the code, the update is aimed at combating the excessive increase in the complexity of the network and provides for a decrease in the remuneration of Majnem for closing the block with 3

At the moment, the main problem is cryptocurrency is the low degree of integration of blockchain technology in the real sector of the economy, which strongly limits their use. but