Hardfork Ethereum moved to February 27

The ETHEREUM platform developers have decided to activate the Constantinople system update on block 7 280 00, which should be created on February 27, 2019.

During the discussion on Friday, the team agreed to carry out any, and at once two Hardford of the main network. The first part of the update will continue to include all five scheduled innovations Constantinople. The second stage is designed specifically for removal

Such a strategy is proposed in order for test and private networks that implemented an updated code can easily integrate changes without any additional kickbacks and related problems.

The developers decided not to tighten with Hardforka due to the threat of a «bomb of complexity», a separate part of the code, which gradually complicates the process of forming blocks, thereby extending the time of their closure (mining). Incoming the Constantinople EIP 1234 package will slow down this algorithm during the year to simplify the project transition to the POS.

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