Hardfork Bitcoin Cash completed, started economic wars

Last night, at block 556767, Bitcoin Cash was divided into Bitcoin ABC andBitcoin SV. After the Hardforka community of both coins will begin to be enjoyed, and SV representatives intend to attack the ABC network to defeat in a competitive struggle.

After separation, most users and companies prefer Bitcoin ABC, this confirms the start support support 74% of the nodes, against 8% from Bitcoin SV. Similarly, the initial market value of coins $ 320 and $ 80, respectively, was divided.

However, supporters of BCHSV Craig S. Wright and a billionander Calvin Ire, who allegedly have 75% of the computational facilities of the former Bitcoin Cash, openly declared that they intend to use this superiority for mining empty BCHABC blocks and constant reorganization of the blockchain until most supporters of competitors proceed to them.

In order to confront attacks, Roger Ver, which is the head of Bitcoin.com and heading the ABC branch, decided to temporarily transfer all his hashier, involved in Bitcoin’s mining (BTC) to support the update. However, experts believe that the economic majority in the end will win and miners will quickly refuse BCHSV blockcha.

Problems with prey will soon arise also in the Ethereum network, as according to Susquehanna’s research, since November 2018