Gosbank Brazil and Egypt Central Bank are developing national steaks

Gosbank Brazil announced a release in the near future, the Ethereum base attached to the national currency in order to fight corruption, and the Central Bank of Egypt actively studies the prospects for launching the digital version of the local pound, seeking to get rid of cash.

The National Bank of the Social and Economic Development of Brazil (BNDES) reported that in January 2019 a pilot project of tokens based on Ethereum, which will be provided with realom in a ratio of 1: 1. Testing of the virtual currency passed successfully, so it will begin to use the institutions of culture for non-taxable subsidies. One of them will be the national cinematic agency that will use funds to pay new scenarios and moving movies.

Previously, BNDES was drawn in proceedings on corruption cases, so I decided to use blockchain and stelkin to fight the misuse of funds and bribes, and in parallel plans to increase the level of confidence from citizens. The developers say that thanks to smart contracts, they can restrict in advance what money can be spent and who can be transferred. To confirm the operation, a certificate is required, so the bank can easily track the movement of funds.

Yesterday Ayman Hussein, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, also stated that at the moment the prospects for launching the digital version of the local pound were being studied. With the help of national cryptocurrency, the Office plans to significantly reduce the costs of issuing issues and transfers compared with the fiatat. In parallel, stimulating the transition to non-cash society.

According to Ayman Hussein, a number of international organizations take part in the development, but he did not specify which particular persons did not name. It will also be unknown whether Egyptian stelkin will be available to citizens or will be an exclusively interbank instrument.

Until now, stable cryptocurrencies were used mainly to quickly convert assets on stock exchanges without banking. However, the launches of pilot national projects outside speculative markets can change not only the attitude towards stelkins, but also to ways to combat corruption, as well as control over the distribution of public funds.

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