Google will continue to work on the contactless gadget management system

Google received the approval of the Federal Communications Commission for the United States (FCC) to continue developing a miniature Project Soli radar system, which allows the user to manage smart gadgets using gestures at a distance.

The corporation began work on creating a contactless management system back in 2015. It allows you to replace the press on the gesture, such as rubbing the large and index fingers. Built inside sensor fixes movements. The technology allows you to activate smart gadgets simply approaching them hand or by clicking.

However, the first protopitis poorly recognized minor gestures of the user, which strongly limited the possibility of the system. Google explained this disadvantage of power, which is established by FCC standards. In March, the company filed an application for an increase in energy consumption, but Facebook made against it, referring to the possibility of confusion with other existing technologies.

After negotiations between the two giants, they came to consensus. Google agreed to slightly reduce the operating power of the sensor, and Facebook to revoke the claim. After that, FCC approved the further development of Project Soli, determining that the system can serve as a public interest and is not able to cause significant harm. Therefore, in the near future, we will most likely be able to see smart gadgets with contactless control function.

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