German startup offered a new option to entertain passengers in cars

The German Startup Holoride has developed a mixed reality technology (XR), which is designed specifically for entertainment of taxi passengers, autonomous cars and children in long trips.

The Holoride visualization and games system takes into account the vehicle movement in real time, for example, speed changes, turns, descent and lifts. This allows passengers not only to synchronize the process of entertainment with the trip, but also to deal with the brand.

At the moment, the content can be reproduced using the standard Headset XR, but soon the company plans to release its own set, which will allow developers to better reveal the capabilities of the new platform.

Holoride technology uses maps data, navigation and current vehicle location. In the future, this list will be expanded by connecting to the internet of things, information systems of smart cities and the closest vehicles.

The company’s videos show several entertainment concepts. In addition to visual change in the environment and the gameplay, the system adds elements of interactivity in stops or sharp changes in the direction of movement.

All project participants have previously worked or still work in Audi, which licensed technology. Developers expect huge demand for technology with the arrival of unmanned cars. On recent

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