German metallurgists will refuse to coke

The German Metallurgical Company Thyssen-Krupp plans to stop using coking coal for steel production and completely go to hydrogen by 2050.

This was stated by the General Director of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG Andreas Goss. According to him, the company has an agreed schedule for the modernization of blast furnaces producing cast iron. To do this, in the next 30 years, industrialists invest € 10 billion in the project. The main purpose of modernization is not an economic, but an environmental component of activities.

Modernization will reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, since metallurgical production is one of the most «dirty». In Germany, it accounts for almost a third of all emissions or 38 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. However, in addition to the benefit to the environment, metallurgists insure themselves from future fines from tightening environmental standards in the long run.

Although the technology has already been tested, but no manufacturer has yet decided to switch to equipment, the by-product of which water will be, and not CO2. At the same time, the domain furnaces will be replaced with so-called regenerative installations, where iron ore is converted into the spongy iron, which will then be overpowered into steel.

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