Former militant DNR confirmed the purchase of WEX cryptobiri

Dmitry Khavchenko confirmed the fact of buying the WEX cryptocurrency exchange, which he plans to re-register in the DPR, open the central office in Crimea and use unrecognized republics for financial support.

Russian service

Earlier, Wex was included in the top 20, and its trade turnover reached $ 80 million in 24 hours, but now its activities have been fully stopped and all means have disappeared from customer accounts (according to some data about $ 400 million). Despite the dubious reputation as cryptocyri, Dmitry Khavchenko intends to reanimate it, so it is now engaged in the return of missing assets and is considering the possibility of attracting law enforcement services. However, it did not specify the time frame of the restart.

Former militia wants legally WEX to be registered on the territory of the DPR, and the central office was located in the Crimea. He believes that this will help to provide financial support for Novorossia, Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and cryptocurrencies will help the «Fighting of the Dollar Area».

Perhaps Dmitry Khavchenko to ask for help and in Rakib, which recently began