Fintech approved the concept of digital profile

At yesterday’s meeting of the Supervisory Board of the FINTEH Association, the concept of the National Digital Profile project was approved, the ways of its implementation and the development plans of other areas of AFT were agreed upon in the coming year.

The digital profile will help businesses, citizens and government agencies simplify the exchange and management of data. In addition to improving the efficiency of processes, the project implementation will improve the quality of services, significantly reduce the number of errors and falsifications. Citizens will be able to get full control over their personal data, and organizations will be able to get rid of paper documents.

The first deputy chairman of the Bank of Russia Olga Skogobogatova believes that the digital profile and the biometric system are now one of the main directions of development and the transformation of the economy. In tandem with remote identification, they will open up new opportunities for all participants in the financial market.

The meeting also approved plans for the further development of other AFT activities related to blockchain, digital identification, Big Data and payment services. Participants noted that in 2018 several projects on the basis of the craftsman were implemented, remote identification was launched and a system of rapid payments was launched at the final preparation.

Previously, we reported that Raiffeisenbank became the first bank released