Expert: January 3 Course Bitcoin can grow sharply

BitCluster Development Director Dmitry Shuvayev believes that mass support for the crypto community of the stock exchange of the Exchange scheduled for January 3 may lead to a sharp increase in the cost of Bitcoin.

In honor of the decade of creating a BTC genesis unit, the Reddit user suggested all users to bring their digital coins with cryptochki to bind fraudulent operators. Although the long-term influence on the market as a whole or the cost of a virtual asset share will not be able to provide, but, in the opinion of Dmitry Shuvayeva, with sufficient support for cryptoscopes community will create a temporary deficit:

«At the same time, the action may have a short-term effect — an increase in the price of Bitcoin. This will happen if people withdrawing bitcoins will be more than entrusing. «

However, in the absence of intensive outflow, no significant changes will see the market. It will be possible to evaluate the performance of the action on the total number of transactions in the blockchain, which will be held on January 3, 2019.

Now the day is accounted for about 250 thousand translations. If on January 3 and the next two days, this figure will increase by at least 30%, then we can consider the action successful. In this case, those exchange that will not bring 95% of the funds will be entered in the Black List. A smaller deviation will indicate the absence of sufficient support.

So far, the owners of BTC have not shown a mass interest, and some believe that such a movement will not work out to be operatively due to the placement of most of the funds in cold wallets.

Despite the attempts to clean the cryprot from the unscrupulous stock exchange, the Pump & Dump community represents a greater threat. Researchers