Ethereum mining on GPU became unprofitable

According to the study of Susquehanna’s trading company, since November 2018, the mining of the air with video cards has reached the indicators of zero profitability. The reason was the fall of the course and the bitmain.

The company analyst said that in less than 1.5 years, the average monthly profit of ETHEREUM production on the GPU fell from $ 150 to zero mark. The achievement of the break-even point is due not only to the growth of competition and complexity, but also a significant superiority of new antminer, as well as 70% fall in the price of cryptocurrency from December 2017.

Susquehanna says that before many launched their own mining farms for additional earnings, which contributed to a low input threshold. However, since the third quarter of this year, effectiveness decreased significantly, but many continued to make prey to recoup the equipment and, perhaps, to get a small profit, «squeezing all juices» from the GPU. From November before the prospectors got a choice: continue to work at a loss,

Maintain profitability indicators on GPU.

Even despite the fact that as the crisis is deepened, several large mining companies have ceased operations, explicit dominance of Asians did not make it possible to achieve profitability. In addition to the miners, the negative consequences felt and manufacturers of video cards, and the most strongly NVIDIA company, which did not even laid in the sales plan for the third quarter income from products for the cryptocurrency market.

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