Ethereum, EOS, TRON: Battle for the market for decentralized applications

Another year ago it was difficult to imagine that the market for decentralized applications will appear real Ethereum competitors, but it happened. Cryptocurrencies

Programmers of smart contracts and blockchas are still a bit in comparison with the number of developers of classical directions, so the struggle for the masters of the computer code in the sphere of cryptocurrency begins. You can win it by providing more convenient conditions for encoding or convincing programmers in the shortcomings of competitors.

The founders of Tron and EOS cryptocurrencies are first to speak out.

Even at the ICO stages, without the finished product, Limer promised that the development of DAPP on the EOS would be easier by using C ++ programming language. Sun, in turn, praised the good old Java language and podcassed Biderina. Vitalik did not hide and hinted at the plagate of White Paper cryptocurrency tron and the inconsistency of TRX capitalization of its achievements (the finished product was not yet).

War cryptocurrency ETH and EOS did not end in words. The Etheric Network was forced to endure a sharp increase in prices for the Majneram Commission (GAS) for the Smart Contract Delets into the main network. As shown

The act is ugly, but the fraud clearly showed the disadvantages of Ethereum in scalability, which have already been manifested earlier. Burlin competitors worked not only over compromising a more powerful opponent, but also intensified themselves. Thus, the Tron Platform bought BitTorrent and killed two hares at once: gained a large number of users and signed an experienced team of developers of distributed applications.

Continuing the struggle for the number of applications, Justin San in his twitter made a loud statement. He wrote that the Ethereum and EOS Application Salvation Foundation would create the ETHEREUM and EOS Application Fund, which will help them in migration to blockchain Tron.

Twitter of the WEISS Ratings rating agency defended Biderina and Larimers, pointing to the small size of the Tron cryptocurrency community and the inexpediency of such statements.

Now it’s time to drop towards conversations and compare blockchain platforms in two characteristics:

A large number of blockchain developers agree on what is at the moment the examples of smart contracts and dip the development of decentralized applications are easier with the ETHEREUM platform, as a huge number of guides have been released. The best site for self-study Solidity is Cryptozombies from Loom Network.

It should be noted that without knowing JavaScript will be very difficult. As for the choice of the best platform for DAPP, there is no unambiguous response — it depends on the objectives and modes of the application:

In general, if the project is not an ICO with a token, then programmers advise to aim on EOS or even see other alternatives that we will tell at the end of the article.

This site tracks applications on the three most popular Blockchain Dapp: ETH, EOS and TRON. According to the number of programs, the Ethereum is predicted — only 1348, from which every day is visited by more than 230. In second place EOS: 269 DAPP, from which there are visits to 156. Closes Tron: 107 programs, 70 of which with users.

In terms of capitalization of smart contracts for 7 days, the best rates of TRON — $ 258 million, 232 of which are provided with Tronbet. The second line occupies EOS — $ 186 million at the last position in the ETH capitalization ranking — only $ 14 million.

In the transaction rating, the sole leader is EOS — 20 million TX. The second place behind the throne is 8.6 million TX, 6 of which at the Tronbet application. The volume of transactions of ETH cryptocurrencies in the programs under consideration does not reach even a million.

The latest criterion for comparison of the blockchain platforms for Dapps is a list of new applications. Of the 44 NEW programs 21 created on the air, 15 — on EOS, 8 — on the throne. Conclusion on the analysis of statistics is best done after time when the artificial pumping of the indicators stops. In general, the parameters confirm the competitiveness of EOS and TRON.

The DAPPS market share is also claimed by NEO, Qtum, Cardano cryptocaming or Hyperledger Fabric project. The successes of alternative options are not so big. For example, Neo has no 50 working applications. Higher hopes gives Cardano, which only in October released the SDK in the language of Rust. Considering