ETHEREUM developers integrate ASIC lock algorithm

The Ethereum developer team agreed to integrate the new Progpow algorithm blocking ASIC-miners and some accelerators for the GPU, in the platform software code.

The innovation will complicate mining with the help of Asians, providing the advantages of video cards with void and other general-purpose hardware. However, it is necessary to accept users to start it. With successful coordination with network participants, Progpow will be integrated with one separate software update or as an element of hardware expansion in 2-4 months. Terms should be clarified at the next meeting, which will be held on January 18th.

During the discussion of test results in the test network, there were only minor comments from the participants. The developers strive to launch a new algorithm as soon as possible, as it will become another link towards the transition to the POS, which means that the complete abandonment of mining and the associated huge costs of electricity. According to them, the innovation will slow down ASIC and some accelerators for the GPU at least a year, which will allow them to work on the Casper hybrid protocol.

The discussion passed on the eve of the activation of the fifth large

According to Chinese media top managers in the world’s largest specialized equipment manufacturing companies for Bitmain mining