Ethereum Classic discovered blocking of blocks and consolidation of more than 51% of Hesree

Multiple teams of researchers argue that the reorganization of 100 blocks and the fact of dual spending during the potential attack of 51% was recorded in the Ethereum Classic blockchain. Developers still find out the causes of abnormal activity.

Researchers from BitFly and BlockScout found that 100 blocks were reorganized on the network of Etherium. This also confirms Coinbase cryptochege, whose analyst also pointed out a double spending on Friday (approximately $ 450 thousand) and eight additional cases of block changes. Therefore, from Monday, the site has frozen assets on accounts before finding out the circumstances.

Initially, Ethereum Classic developers denied the fact of 51% attacks and double expenses, referring to the fact that the consolidation of huge computing power was associated with the tests of the new Asians of Linzhi, with a capacity of 1,400 / mh / s, and the sole mining of a separate chain was the cause of the anomaly. However, in the subsequent tweerty reported that they are not trying to hide or understate the incident and fact remains, so they continue to find out the reasons for what happened and do not exclude the possibility of attack, as well as dual spending.

Linzhi’s leadership denied his involvement, stating that they would not have experienced products in the public blockchain, but would use a test or private network for these purposes. The Ethereum Classic team also reported that he had attracted specialists from the Slow Mist Chinese company, which help to understand the situation. Additionally, developers recommended stock exchanges and pools increase confirmation time. Technical problems led to a sharp drop in ETC.

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