ESA plans to start mining of minerals on the Moon in 2025

The European Space Agency plans to begin the extraction of minerals on the surface of the Moon and has already concluded a contract with Arianegroup to develop a production plan.

On Monday, the manufacturer reported the conclusion of an agreement with ES for one year. ArianeGroup must offer optimal ways to develop a lunar regolith that covers the surface of the satellite. The material can become a rich source of water and oxygen. It can potentially be used to start the colonization of the celestial body into not so distant future.

The presence of vital resources is a key condition for the study of the Moon, which includes ES plans in order to make Europe a full-fledged participant in the process of studying space objects in the next decade. However, ArianeGroup will develop a machine with fully automated equipment for collecting material. About manned missions is not yet coming.

The project will also work the PT Scientists and Space Applications Services startups.

Recently, the theme of cosmic production has become very discussed, and various companies have begun to develop optimal options for the extraction of resources from heaven. According to analysts,