EOS decentralization is again in doubt

The reason for the resumption of the Cryptos Communications disputes regarding the decentralization of the EOS blockchain was announced by one of the manufacturers of blocks, which suggested paying remuneration to users for avoiding it as an intermediary.

The STARTEOS Chinese startup is in a group of 21 trusted nodes that can confirm transactions on the network. In Pain

Supported startup users are offered two ways to obtain remuneration: stable and random, which is a lottery. Also posted instructions on how to give your voice for StartEos.

Such a stimulation of the manufacturer outraged the cryptoso community, which was once again raised by the issue of EOS decentralization issues, which today is one of the largest networks with the largest number of daily transactions. Doubts strengthens the recent statement

The crisis at cryptorms negatively affects all its participants, but in addition to the support of large investors, the situation can correct the return to the active activities of Satoshi Dzamoto, in the profile of which on P2P FOUNDATION recently