Edible protective coating for fruits, twice the extensive storage term

Startup Apeel Sciences has developed an edible protective coating for fruits and vegetables, which increases their storage time twice even without cooling. This will help farmers and merchants expand the geography of supplies and save billions of dollars.

The EDIPEEL invented food coating does not have taste, smell and absolutely transparent. It is made of fatty acids and other organic compounds taken from peel, seeds and pulp fruits and vegetables, so its use is completely safe. To protect the fetus, it is enough to make a special solution and not necessarily cool. However, for each variety, the composition of the substance will differ, as it must be made from the components of the product itself.

The main reasons for the damage of plant products are the evaporation of moisture and their oxidation. It is with these negative factors that EDIPEEL fights.

APEEL already cooperates with large retail chains in the United States, such as Kroger, Costco and Harps Food Stores. So far, the serial production of the protective layer is established for avocado, but in the future it is planned to produce EDIPEEL for asparagus and citrus. According to representatives of the Company, at the moment negotiations are underway with Kenya and Nigeria farmers, where local regulators are expected to use the invention.

In 2012, the idea received a Grand at $ 100 thousand from the Bill Foundation and Melinda Gates Foundation, which became the beginning of Apeel. 6 years left for product development. During the existence of the company, $ 110 million of investment was drawn in total.

According to UN estimates, the problem of spoofing products costs the world of $ 2.6 trillion, and most of the amount falls on fruits and vegetables.

Another food product, gelatin, scientists used as a basis for creating