Digital art got a monastery

The Cryptonumiz blockchain project offers connoisseurs of digital art new collection form in virtual space, radically changing the idea of the usual system of the art market.

The platform can be used to create, buy, sell, collecting and storing digital art objects in the form of a NUMI virtual coin, which cannot be faked thanks to the blockchain-cipher. All settlement operations on the exhibited lots are carried out using Etherium (

At the moment, the authors can insert only static works, but the developers promise that multimedia will soon be supported. Participants work with a platform for free, and artists and organizers of trading receive remuneration from each roma sold. In this case, all works are protected from copying, fakes and piracy.

Cryptonumiz seeks to form a new Cast collectors — those who consider digital art equivalent material. The platform combines artists, photographers, curators, collectors, representatives of the auction houses, independent experts, enthusiasts and provides a platform for participation in the online auction. The project already involved artists Dan Marino, Artem Miolevich, Emmanuel Flipov, Tom Hilligos, Gleb Ilyusha, Arthur Kurilenko.

Rakib will also help