Designed by Bluetooth chip for IoT, feeding from the energy of the surrounding radio waves

Sartap Wiliot has developed a Bluetooth chip with a mail stamp size, for which the battery does not need a battery, because to power the ARM processor, it uses exclusively radio filter energy from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile phones and other devices.

The IOT network is rapidly growing and will soon be connected to the Internet of things will be connected billions of devices. However, the need for a separate energy accumulator limits their minimum size and cost. The solution of this problem was offered the Wiliot Californian Startup team, which created a Bluetooth chip, fixed on a paper sticker, which can be easily connected to various sensors, tied them from IoT.

Startup has already attracted investments in the amount of $ 30 million from companies such as Amazon, Samsung and Qualcomm. Wiliot plans to release a trial batch of devices in 2019, and 2020 start full-scale production. Engineers declare that the product has low cost, energy and universal, because it can be consolidated by virtually anything.

Representatives of the company give several options for using their chips. For example, it can be embedded in consumer goods separately to ensure easy access to digital manual, with a loss of a paper version or stick to clothing labels and use to transmit the optimal settings of the washing machine.

However, the possibility of combining with sensors significantly expands the scope of application. In addition to tracking the movement of goods in the supply chain, the temperature sensor additionally can report overheating or overcoabering. The combination with the pressure sensor will determine when the food container is empty, and automatically order the replacement, which will make smart refrigerators even more intelligent.

Previously, we also reported that the student of the University of Tokyo developed