Cryptovalut Rating on GitHub Development Activity for 2018

Heart and engine, any cryptocurrency are its developers. Without updates and constant improvements, confidence in the coin decreases, after which it risks to get into the list of the dead cryptocurrency. We offer to identify the most active and passive teams, conducting an analysis of their repository on GitHub.

This service has gained popularity due to the fact that the first presented the opportunity for the social interaction of developers with open source applications, whose representative is also cryptocurrency. GitHub has a convenient toolkit to edit Open Source projects. One programmer posts his project, and the other can change, supplement and, more importantly, check it out. Make changes to the main branch of the project will not work, since the developers cryptocurrency close this function — in this case, you can run your code (forc).

Commit on Git is called to save the project status in the repository (code update). The main advantage of the Committee is that you can return to any of the states.

Another important feature is reporting and documentation. Blocked programmers use service not only as a tool for convenient joint development, but also reporting through GitHub. As you know, the code in the field of IT is the best documentation.

Analysis of updates was carried out in 2018. The main parameter for checking will be considered the number of commits, since the number of stars and the number of forks does not affect the activity of the main branch updates. Not included in the list

Next are cryptocurrencies that work a little better with the repository:

The 2018 cryptocurrency rating on the development of programmers on GitHub is not worth perceive literally. The number of code updates is not the quality. Some cryptocurrency do not actively use GitHub or during the period under review do not plan updates.

The repository manner can be different: some developers lay out the smallest local changes in the code, others update the branch exclusively with global updates. Some coins are generally avoiding Hithab using other services or simply publishing the code on the official website.

The most active coin on the updates on GitHub is Insolar — more than 9,000 commits, starting from July. At the same time, capitalization is $ 10 million and 225 position on Coinmarketcap. Given this fact, our list will include only the top 50 from the Cryptovalization rating:

This rating of coins concerns only the official updates cryptocurrency, but does not affect projects that use platforms. For example, in the first place by the number of DAPP goes Ethereum. If you add githabs of all decentralized applications on Ethereum, then the coin of Biderina would have come out to first place.