Cryptosima continues to cool the market.

After several failed attempts of restoration, the cryptocurrency market continues downward movement, and in the last day there was a small decline. The Bitcoin course approached the level of the annual minimum and fights for holding $ 3,300.

Over the past 24 hours, the crypts losses about $ 8 billion, and some coins up to 10% of their cost. As a result of a sharp decline, Bitcoin course (

Despite oversold, the trend remains descending. The graph shows the formation of a falling wedge, so it is quite possible to achieve a new minimum and testing the level of long-term support $ 3,000. With a good resistance, the bulls will be able to get a strong rebound, but in case continuing the decline, the collapse is expected to $ 1500- $ 2000.


From the top 10 throne (

Speculats are expected to meet the US Fed, which will discuss the increase in the interest rate of the dollar. The tightening of the fiscal policy may be beneficial for gold and cryptocurrency in the long run. A change in market sentiment in early 2019, not only the launch of trading platforms can be facilitated

The growth of interest in cryptocurrency is observed even by regulators. Recently Commission for Trade in Commodity Futures USA