«Crypto Winter» continues.

Over the past day, a two-stage decrease was observed in the cryptocurrency market, as a result of which most coins were lost in price from 7 to 10%. Bitcoin again struck the level of $ 4,000 and reached $ 3830.

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Problems on the market began to affect the technical indicators of the blockchain. On December 3, one of the largest drops of network complexity of the main cryptocurrency, which was 15% were recorded. According to the researchers, the break-even point even for the most effective miners is located at $ 3891, so the prospectors begin to stop prey to not work at a loss.

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The total capitalization of the market reached $ 125 billion, falling per day by $ 10. If cardinal changes do not occur on cryptors, then 2018 marks the most significant level of annual reduction in Bitcoin’s courses for all the time of its existence.

Despite the cryptocurrency winter, the heads of the G20 countries called for international taxation and