Cryprons again in the crimson: causes and further prospects

Today, the new collapse of the crypton, as a result of which its total capitalization fell to a 13-month minimum. Bitcoin continues to conquer new depths, and the forecasts of most experts on the future development of the situation remain disappointing.

The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market dropped below $ 170 billion, and over the past 5 days, losses exceeded $ 30 billion at the time of writing material Bitcoin’s course (

Most of the alcohoes burned from 10% to 20% of their value. Ether (

Less than a week

Mikhail Mashchenko, an analyst of the social network for Etoro investors in Russia and the CIS, believes that the main reason for such behavior of the market is

«Bitcoin is an extremely technically technical tool — the fall in quotations below the most important level of $ 6,000, which was expected for a long time and was only a matter of time, led to a mass sale of coins.»

According to Mikhail Mashchenko, without support from large players or the emergence of any significant positive, the BTC course will most likely go to the following support of $ 4750. Reasonable reasons for the growth of the cost of both the main cryptocurrency and the market is not yet observed.

Cryptoanalitics of the company «Finist» Alexander Ageev also agrees with the fact that Hardfork Bitcoin Cash caused destabilization and inconsistency of the participants. He believes a gradual decline in the market can last until the beginning of 2019. The expert expects a decrease in bitcoine to $ 3500, ripla to $ 0.35, Etherium to $ 145, and bitcoine cache to $ 240. Alexander Ageev recommends investors to wait for the end of the Hesreite War, after which global correction will begin, and the best time will come to enter the market.

The market could not even stop the news of the upcoming