Created a prototype of «acoustic tweezers»

A group of researchers developed a prototype of «acoustic tweezers», which is able to simultaneously levitate up to 25 objects and manage them in three-dimensional space. Technology can be used to conduct non-invasive operations, presentations or entertainment.

The joint invention of scientists of the Spanish University of Navarre and British University of Bristol contains a unique audio modulator consisting of 256 miniature speakers that generate an acoustic field. To optimize the operation of the speakers, a special algorithm was developed, which allows for real-time to manipulate the particles in the area. With the help of the system, you can manage both at the same time all objects within the field and each separately.

The video below shows several examples of using technology. In addition to simple movement, the accurate coordination of speakers allows component of individual elements together, form three-dimensional figures and make accurate manipulations with the participation of additional items.

Although the developers statements that technology can be used to carry out operations within the human body without external intervention, seem exaggerated, but according to them, in reality, similar manipulations are much easier than to hold the items in the air. They explain this by the fact that due to the large content of the liquid in our body, the sound in it spreads much better than in the mixture of gases, which widesge coordination.

The created prototype is able to simultaneously control no more than 25 objects, but scientists say that as the modulator is improved, their number will increase to several hundred. In addition to medicine, such devices can be used for presentations or games.

Physics from the University of Sussex also achieved success in this area. They became the first to introduce ultrasonic levitation technology, which