Created a plaster restoring heart muscular fabric after an attack

The international team of scientists has developed a mic champs, which introduces regenerative cells in the heart, helping to quickly restore muscle tissue after an attack.

To achieve the required effect, direct contact is required, therefore the implantation of the therapeutic plaster is performed by surgically. Animal research has shown that such a treatment method is the most effective of all known for today.

The heart attack damages the fabric, whose healing is usually required for several weeks. However, in the process of recovery, the muscular tissue is replaced with a scar, which reduces the efficiency of the heart, which can cause heart failure.

You can avoid this using fast regeneration. Invented, the plaster is equipped with a multitude of micro, through which stromal stem cells quickly fall into the organ, stimulating the restoration of muscle tissue.

Potentially the invention can increase the duration and improve the lives of people who survived the heart attack. So far, the tests were carried out only on animals (rats and pigs), so the plaster would also be unknown to work effectively in humans. It is also unclear how this device will affect the work of the heart in the long run.

An equally important problem of modern medicine is oncological diseases. Although there is still no universal method of their treatment, but scientists have developed