Consortium R3 began to cooperate with SBI HOLDINGS and RIPPLE

The Japanese financial company SBI HOLDINGS will begin to cooperate with R3 in order to expand the use of the Corda platform and create a joint venture. In the afternoon, the largest blockchain-consortium also announced the launch of the new payment application SetTler, which will support XRP.

The SBI Holdings statement refers to the company’s plans to expand their investment participation in R3 to create a joint venture to promote and expand the use of the CORDA platform. Financial holding expects partnership to go beyond Japan and will spread to the entire Asia. According to President R3 David Ratter, a joint venture will contribute to the development of Japanese services and the overall adoption of technology.

Yesterday the consortium announced another, sufficiently unexpected cooperation with Ripple. Earlier, the company competed and even tried, but they found a compromise, the result of which was the universal decentralized Corda Settler application. The platform allows you to make payments using FIATA, virtual currency and any other «traditional» assets with the help of systems that support cryptographic proof of the settlement. The first supported cryptocurrency became XRP.

The application automatically conducts payment enrollment and updates the Corda registry. In the future, the possibility of deferred payments and confirmation in real time will be added.

Recall that the Russian Association of Fintech approved the concept of the National Project «