Coinnest’s exchange rate randomly distributed bitcoins to $ 5.3 million

As a result of the software failure, the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinnest accidentally distributed its clients a virtual currency in the amount of about $ 5.3 million and now tries to return funds back.

Last week, the trading platform was planning to hold Airdrop We Game Takens (WGT). However, due to a computer error, users have been sent not written tokens, and biton, ripples, ether and other cryptocurrency. Some participants of the distribution received even Korean vones as a gift. On weekends, technical problems were eliminated, and the management of the Exchange turned to customers with a request to return unexpected bonuses.

As of January 19, half of the erroneous translations were returned to the company. However, it plans to roll back the transaction to restore the former balance. The site also stated that it did not intend to compensate for customers the losses that they suffered as a result of a servers.

A part of the traders who received an unexpected bonus did not think for a long time, which was done with him and immediately sold BTC, which led to the local exchange collapse by 95.5% to $ 50. The cost of other «gift» coins in the local market decreased by 10-80%, depending on the transmitted volume.

Despite rare failures, automated systems are much more benefit than problems. One example is the fact that the most profitable stock funds Wall Street