Chinese scientists turned copper into gold analog

A group of scientists from the Institute of Chemical Physics Dalian has developed copper transformation technology to a new metal, almost identical gold on most physical and chemical properties, which will significantly reduce the consumption of rare, precious elements in production.

For centuries, Alchemists were unsuccessfully trying to turn the cheap dump in a noble Aurum, but recently, Chinese researchers managed to achieve significant success in this. To achieve high-quality changes, they sent a jet of argon plasma to a piece of copper. Under the influence of fast moving ionized gas particles, metal atoms are actually separated from a piece. After pushing, they fall on the surface of the collection device, where they are cooled and condensed, forming a thin layer having a sandy structure, with a diameter of grains of only a few nanometers.

As a result of such manipulations, a large amount of energy is introduced into copper atoms, thereby increasing the density and stability of electrons. Although the new metal is not suitable for creating fake gold coins, but scientists argue that it is able to withstand high temperatures, resist oxidation and erosion.

During the tests, the researchers also placed the sample into the reaction chamber and used it as a catalyst for converting coal in alcohol — a delicate and complex chemical process for which only precious metals are suitable.

Platinum, gold and silver are now of great importance for industry, as required for the manufacture of many components of electronic devices. It is estimated that in 40 smartphones containing as much of Auruma, as in a ton of ore. Researchers say that their invention will help reduce the consumption of precious metals into the industry, becoming their successful substitute.

In addition to the development of «substitutes», scientists are inventing new methods of precious metal. In Switzerland