Chinese media reported the resignation of Bitmain CEO

The Chinese edition of Odaily reported, the plans of the resignation of Jihan Wu and Micry Zhana, which are the founders and the general leaders of the world’s largest equipment manufacturing companies Bitmain.

The company has not yet confirmed this officially, but the internal sources of the journal approve the strengthening of differences between managers and in general intense internal environment. The cause of the conflict is called terrible financial indicators for the third quarter of 2018. Judging by the official reports of Bitmain, a loss for this period amounted to $ 400 million.

Bitmain plans to conduct an IPO, during which it expects to attract $ 12 billion. In November, the company reported that restructuring will be carried out. Such a decision led to the departure of half of the members of the Board of Directors, but Jihan Wu retained the post of Chairman of the Board, and Micry Zhang remained the Director General and the Manager.

The end of 2018 has become catastrophic for Bitmain. The company is actively reducing the state, it is expected to be