China Puts the most powerful power line in the world

In China, the ultra-high-voltage DC power line (UHVDC) began to function, which broke the world record for voltage, power and length.

The working voltage of the new line of the Chinese state power grid corporation is 1.1 mV, and the length of 3293 km. It can transmit up to 12 GW of energy, which is enough to supply 50 million homes. Although transformers are found on substations are considered mobile, but they are difficult to call mobile, since the mass of each about 800 tons.

Engineers who worked on the project are called a «power silk path» line, since it follows the an ancient trading route. The UHVDC absorbs the alternating current of the network on the converter station not far from the capital of Xinjiang and directs the energy of the DC to the second conversion station in Anhui Province in the east of China. It will transmit energy that replaces 25 thousand compositions with the coal required by the TPP.

The designers sought to install a smaller number of large transformers to achieve maximum cost-effective, but necessary for the converter station in 1.2 mV is simply impossible to deliver from the plants.

More than 10 years have worked on the project creation. It was attended by the largest contractors, such as the Swedish company ABB, which also plans to create in the imminent fully automated

Although in Russia there is a power transmission line of Ekibastuz-Kokshetu with a length of 432 km, the design voltage of which is 1150 kV, but in fact it works for 500 kV, so it is not inferior to Chinese.