China plans to start a 6G network at a speed of 1 Tbit / s by 2030

The official representative of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies of China confirmed that Beijing actively studies 6G technology and after 12 years it plans to launch the first commercial networks.

According to Su Blue, the representative of the department, the next generation of technology will significantly increase throughput and frequency, as well as provide greater coverage. It is assumed that the 6G data transfer rate will exceed 5G 10 times and reach 1 Tbit / s, and the signal frequency exceeds 1THC.

The new round of technology should revolutionize the structure of all existing wired and wireless networks, AR / VR systems, Internet of Things (IoT), allowing you to bind trillions of mobile objects and sensors. Suh Xin says that 6G will become the final generation, and further development will be iterative. In other words, he predicts that there will never be 7G, since several new technologies will support wireless communications.

Despite the fact that the first 5G launches should start not earlier than March 2019, and the second wave is only a year later, China began to prepare for the next generation of networks since the beginning of this year.

One of the supporting technologies can be the development of RMIT, which allows you to increase the transfer rate of 100 times, thanks to the use