Bosch introduced a laser projection module that turns any surface to touch screen

Bosch has introduced the BML100PI miniature module (or zippier), which can be built into kitchen appliances, homemade gadgets or furniture, where it projects an interactive display on six surfaces at the same time, connecting even ordinary wardrobe shelves to the Internet of things.

It seems that nothing in the houses of the future can avoid the «Smart» console. A good example of a device for the formation of the IOT global network German manufacturer and the leading global technology provider has demonstrated at CES 2019. The presented device has a size of 47×43 mm, less bank card, and consumes only 2 W energy.

Bosch representatives claim that the module will be able to create clear projections on the surface of any type: dark, color, wet, stepped and curved. The display becomes interactive due to the laser beam, which line scans the image, determining when and where it is interrupted by the movements of the fingers or other gestures.

However, the device is not intended for end users, but for manufacturers who can offer the next generation of smart furniture. According to Bosch, the module can be used to project the touch screen on the cabinet door to display the weather or daily calendar, and recommend that to wear, based on this. He can also send the image to the shelves themselves, allowing the owner to order new clothes or dry cleaning using virtual buttons.

So far, it is impossible to say exactly how much it will be useful and in demand in the future, but in any case there are manufacturers who will come up with ways to attract buyers through the possibilities of BML100PI. The company plans to bring the module to the market in the second quarter of 2020.

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