Boeing held the first tests of an unmanned «flying car»

Aurora Flight Sciencees, a subsidiary of Boeing, announced the successful completion of the first tests of its first unmanned flying electric car.

During testing, the autonomous vertical means vertically soared and depended for a few seconds. The following tests will include direct movement, maneuvering using wings, as well as the transition between vertical and horizontal flight modes.

According to representatives of the company, the prototype created is equipped with an electric motor and is intended for a completely unmanned flight, ranging from take-off and ending with an independent planting. The width of the «flying car» reaches 9.14 m, and the length is 8.53 m, the presence of wings allows you to plan in the air, which increases efficiency. The current battery is enough to flee 80.5 km.

In addition to Boeing over such devices, there are still ten companies, but the aerospace giant has all the necessary resources and engineering potential in order to release the first commercial product. The problem of flying taxi is to consume a huge amount of energy for moving, and modern

Despite the attempts of many large companies to create their own version of the car of the future, which will avoid traffic jams and quickly reach the destination, experts believe that this requires years or even decades of improving technologies. Although according to the analysts of Morgan Stanley by 2040, the cost of this market even on pessimistic estimates will be $ 615 billion, and under optimal conditions will be able to reach $ 2.9 trillion.

A group of companies led by Rolls-Royce also plan to introduce electric motors to aviation. By 2020, they plan to build the fastest today’s fully electric propeller plane, which can develop