Bitmain will fire 50% of employees

Chinese media report that the Gigant of Crypto Industry Bitmain plans to reduce almost half of his state during the week.

Yesterday, the company dismissed all team members engaged in the development of the Bitcoin Cash client, the Chief Strategic Director of Blockstream Samson Mou was informed about it on Twitter. This is additionally confirmed by the relevant changes in the profiles of former employees on LinkedIn. In an interview with the Chinese edition of Sanyan Finance, the staff confirmed that they had a conversation with the personnel department, but refused to tell about the details.

Previously bitmain officially

Before the start of global reorganization, there were about 2 thousand people in the state of the giant, but after its completion, a decrease in the number is expected to only 300.

Some believe that in addition to the crisis on the crypton, the fundamental changes additionally stimulated the contradictions between the Bitcoin cache and its forcom, which led to Hashvanam. During which Bitmain, supporting Bitcoin Cash ABC, led by Roger faith, seeking to surpass a competitor, carried millions of losses, overproofing a part of excess computing facilities to help the ally. A lot of important was the drop in sales of mining equipment, in the development of new models of which huge funds were invested.

However, the global crisis of the crypton notes does not affect the plans of Venezuela, which