Bitcoin’s course decreased to $ 3580, and the cryptomic losses to $ 3 billion

In the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market has occurred, during which, most of the coins lost 2-6% of their value. As a result, the sales rate of Bitcoin again decreased to $ 3580 and experts predict that in the near future the downward dynamics will continue.

Over the past 24 hours, the cryprotes lost 2.9% of capitalization, which decreased by about $ 3 billion. Analysts argue that the decline resumed due to the fact that the market demonstrates signs of weakness due to the absence of the necessary support from bulls and a reduction in daily bid volumes. Therefore, the sale during this period causes a decline to which traders practically do not oppose.

During the day the price of bitcoin (

Many altcoins per day lost from 4 to 6%, but also as the flagship, began to successfully recover. Riple (

The only «green» coin of tens of leaders remained Tron (

While traders wait for the right moment to enter the market, the governments of some countries continue to integrate cryptocurrency in their payment channels. Mongolia joined them to their number, which