Bitcoin grew by 8%.

Over the past 24 hours, almost all cryptocurrency increased significantly in price, and Bitcoin grew by 9%, overcoming the threshold of $ 3,500. Although this does not talk about market recovery, but such a speaker confirms the interest of investors in it.

In less than a day, the capitalization of the cryptoms increased by $ 10 billion and reached $ 113.8 billion. Most coins rose by 10-20%. Bitcoin (

Weakened Hardforka and the subsequent Hesreite war, the rate of Bitcoin Cash is still inferior to the ether, and trades at $ 90, although he added 10% per day. From the top 30 the greatest increase in 26% showed

Analysts associate such changes with the current unstable situation on stock markets, which encourages investors to exit classical assets in search of new highly liquid tools. At the same time, the crypton with clear indicators of oversold is ready for reversal and is attractive for bulls.

According to DIAR’s research, recently institutional investors have come to bitcoin’s over-the-counter physical markets, which confirm the merchants themselves. In addition to the available cost of a virtual asset, they have the ability to work with it without breaks. Although it is impossible to accurately determine how strong the impulse will be in advance, but so far the increase in volatility on traditional markets plays a cryptocurious hand.

Facebook can be a strong crypto industry player since