BINANCE will help investors analyze tokens

Binance cryptobirus announced the creation of a research unit, which will be engaged in a comprehensive test of tokens. From the data obtained, institutional level reports will be formed and published, helping investors objectively evaluate the product.

The largest marketplace of the crypton decide to go beyond the exchange framework and launched the Binance Research project. The main task of the research unit is to increase the level of transparency and the quality of publicly available information on the virtual currencies traded on the stock exchange and those that can potentially be added.

Reports are compiled at the institutional level and contain a comprehensive analysis of technical and economic components, plans for further development, as well as detailed information about the team standing for the project. Investors and everyone will be able to familiarize themselves with them on a separate page of the company’s official website. BINANCE will regularly replenish the section new reports.

At the time of writing material, Loom Network reviews have already been published.

The objectivity and depth of analysis will most likely contribute to the fact that many traders and cryptoinvestors will begin to use them for consultation. The initiative will additionally strengthen the BINANCE position and increase user loyalty.

The developers from Skolkovo also decided to help traders and investors, creating a convenient for them.