Belarusian cryptotreers are massively registered on EXMO

An analytical department of the Exmo cryptocurrency exchange notes that in December, it was registered six times more traders from the Republic of Belarus compared with previous months.

The company’s specialists associate this with changes in the Binance trading platform policy, which at the end of 2018 informed Belarusian users to stop their further maintenance. Similar notifications received customers from a number of other countries.

According to analysts, cryptocreuses, ExMO attracts rejected traders with a wide selection of trading tools, fiat pairs, currencies and generally comfortable working conditions. The platform has existed for more than 5 years and occupies a leading position in the Eastern European market, having a daily trade turnover of $ 40 million and 1.5 million registered users.

Previously, we also reported that EXMO will soon be the first cryptocurrency exchange, which