Batnets switched to mining

According to the study of the Kaspersky Lab, the botnets are increasingly used to disseminate malware, intended for mining cryptocurrency.

According to analysts of the company, the reason for the reduction of the number of DDoS-attacks has recently become «recruitment» of botnets. The largest number of attacks were recorded in the spring of 2018, but after the summer recession, in September, the indicators began to grow again. The purpose of such Kibarant is to infect the device in order to use its computing power facilities for the secret production of virtual currency for a hacker. According to experts, they only partially load the processor and the video card, so they can work for a long time, not attracting the attention of the owners.

The study showed that the level of legislative regulation of crypto industry practically does not affect the spread of hidden mining. Most of all attacks were recorded in Kazakhstan. Russian users are also quite vulnerable, and the country takes the fifth position, yielding to Ukraine, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The main integration factors are called the installation of unlicensed software. Among other reasons, advertising installers, USB drives and the use of vulnerabilities such as EternalBlue are distinguished.

The Kaspersky Lab celebrates, cybercriminals actively invest in the development of new technologies of hidden mining, and gradually replace Trojan-extortionable programs. Statistics also indicate that the cost of hackers directly affects the cost of cryptocurrency, decreasing during periods of falling prices.