Authorities will help business experiment with high technology

The authorities want to simplify the development and implementation of advanced technologies in Russia, which are not yet regulated by law. To this end, this Ministry of Economic Development proposes to create «sandboxes» with special legal regimes for testing digital innovations in real conditions.

In addition to the special legal regime, it is also an assessment of the activities of «sandboxes», the principles and criteria of which will be developed later. They can take into account both absolute and relative performance indicators of the work of domestic sites. The monitoring of the «sandboxes» will be engaged in a specially created coordinating structure, the regulatory authority will be fixed in addition to them.

As part of special legal sites, legal entities, IP, executive authorities and local administrations will be able to work. Those who wish will have the opportunity not only to join the existing «sandbox», but also to organize a new one. A number of legal conditions are provided for participation, and the existing participants will be able to disqualify for non-performance of the program, due to the insolvency or inefficiency of the product, violation of the legislation.

However, the exclusive legal conditions of the participants will not affect their taxation. All existing requirements will be distributed unchanged.

Special legal regime will be valid for a limited period of time, and in case of success of the project, a change in legislation may be initiated for the conclusion of the product to the market. Representatives of the Skolkovo Foundation and the Center for Strategic Developments took part in the formation of the proposal.

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«It all depends on whether the legislant will be able to create a simple and understandable design that interested entities will actually be able to implement. It is necessary to maintain the balance between ease of entry and administrative control. «

According to the lawyer, if the pros of the use of experimental legal regimes will not be able to translate administrative barriers, the project will be unclaimed.

Recall that in December, the Digital Economy will attract the bills associated with digital assets, smart contracts, crowdfunding, electronic notary,