Audi began testing a unmanned flying taxi model

Audi, Airbus and Italdesign are working on the concept of an unmanned electric vehicle, which can move not only on the ground, but also in the air.

At the moment, the designers have already created a functional prototype, but so far only on the scale of 1: 4. The model consists of an electric vehicle platform on which the capsule is fixed intended for the placement of passengers. In this form, the unmanned electric vehicle can perform the function of the usual taxi, moving along the roads.

However, if necessary, the car can drive up to the UAV with a special frame, and consolidate the capsule with passengers on it. After air travel, customers can leave the capsule or again continue the trip on the four-wheeled platform.

According to the leadership of AUDI, growing urbanization and automation contribute to an increase in mobility. Therefore, in the future, all those who do not have a driver’s license will want to use comfortable unmanned taxis, and the possibility of moving through the air will allow to unload urban traffic, from which all the participants of the movement will be won.

While Audi is just beginning to test the entire project, Hoversurf announced that since 2019 will begin mass production and sale of flying motorcycles