«Artificial Sun» warmed up to 100 million degrees

On the experimental advanced superconducting tokamak (EAST), called the Chinese «artificial sun», could achieve an increase in plasma temperature to 100 million degrees ° C and the heating power of 10 MW.

The experiment was carried out at the world in the world of superconducting toocoma with a non-circular cross section, which was developed and designed by the Institute of Plasma Physics at the Academy of Sciences of China. According to scientists, the results obtained are close to the satisfaction of the physical conditions necessary to create a future stationary thermonuclear reactor and ensure humanity with net energy.

The device obtained the name «Artificial Sun» due to the fact that it creates the necessary conditions for nuclear synthesis by fusion of atoms as in the stars nuclei. However, unlike the heavenly luminaries, there are not ordinary hydrogen in the tokamak, and its isotopes (deuterium and tritium), which are removed from sea water.

A successful EAST experiment has become an important step towards creating an international thermonuclear experimental reactor (ITER). In the development of which 35 countries participate, including Russia, China and the United States.

Scientists work not only to create an «artificial sun», but also invent new energy storage methods coming from the present. Swedish physicists were able